It’s a well-known motto of the journalism: “Good news is no news.” This is one of the first lessons to be taught in communications schools. Although people don’t like to adopt it, this motto gets under the subconscious and begins to work underneath.

Truly, when we scan through the media, it would be a surprise to find “a good” news. While the media cover disasters, murders, crisis extensively, finding a positive development is like searching a needle in haystack.

Most of us start the day reading newspapers or watching news bulletins. But how many of us hadn’t thought “Doesn’t anything good happens in this world?” and started the day with a sullen face.


We are preparing the “The Jolly Good News” blog to dissolve this negativity in our lives and in the media. Our purpose is to show there still can be good things happening in the world. And to prove good news can be the news.


“The Jolly Good News” might not be very actual, perhaps we cannot publish a good news everyday and update our blog, maybe we will also feel desperate. Here comes your part: we will evaluate the good news you will send to jollygoodnews@mail.com. By doing this, we believe that good news will take more attention and we will share more good news.


The good – and of course the bad – is a relative concept. A good news for us can be a bad news for another person or a bad news can be useful for someone else. While we are choosing good news, we will try to be distant from politics, economy, sport and magazine. Of course we won’t avoid them totally. Our criteria of good news are making everybody feel and think positively. Positive developments in environment, health, science, culture, art and many other global fields are in the range of “The Jolly Good News”. From a worldwide success of an artist to a new medicine discovered in rain forests, everything that will make us think positively and hope for the future will take place in “The Jolly Good News”.

We hope that this good news gradually increase and cover more place in the media. May they prove us there are good things happening in the world.

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  1. Hello!

    My PR agency is compiling a media summary for the Milwaukee Art Museum. Are you able to share your estimated page views per month, week or day? Thank you in advance for your assistance,


    • Hello. Thanks for visiting the blog. This is a very new blog so there aren’t many visitors yet. Only 2 people have visited Milwaukee Art Museum news on March 11. Apparently one of them is you. So far, top visitor number on a single day has been 27 and average visitor number is around 10. I hope this information would help you.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I’m trying to bring good vibrations to people’s lives. I hope it works. On the other hand, I need to do lots of improvements to call this a real blog.

  3. Thank you again for your encouragement. I’ve added a link to your blog from my About the Blog page.

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