-little-havenLittle Haven in Pembrokeshire has been declared Wales’s first smoke-free beach.

The voluntary ban – which also applies to e-cigarettes – comes into effect today (Wednesday, March 9), National No Smoking Day, and is for a trial period of 12 months.

Launching the ban, Pembrokeshire County Councillor Huw George, said: “We take public health very seriously.

“We want to do as much as we can to protect our children from smoking and to promote a health and well-being environment for all.”

Thirty-five pupils from nearby Broad Haven primary school will take part in the launch on the beach at Little Haven at 2 pm today.

The number equates to the approximate number of children who take up smoking every day in Wales alone.

“Two–thirds of smokers start before the age of 18,” said Clr. George, cabinet member for environmental and regulatory services.

“The prevalence of smoking is around 21 per cent in Wales and to reduce this figure we need to prevent children and young adults taking up the habit.

“We know children are at particular risk from second-hand smoke and that they are more likely to start smoking themselves if they see adults doing it in a family-friendly environment.

“It is vital to de-normalise smoking to reduce the rates of young people taking it up and also to reduce their exposure to smoke and e cigarette vapour in areas where they gather.”

Clr. George stressed the ban is voluntary and no penalties would be enforced for ignoring it.

Dr. Ruth Hussey, chief medical officer for Wales, said: “The measures on tobacco and e-cigarettes in the Public Health (Wales) Bill look to prevent renormalisation of smoking behaviours.

“Making Pembrokeshire’s stunning beaches smoke-free reinforces the work being done by the bill and Pembrokeshire council should be commended for their work towards a smoke-free Wales.”

For the full article: Tenby Observer


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