2News reports claimed researchers found a 7, 000 year old settlement in Jerusalem. The historic site was discovered during roadwork operations. Israeli officials claim this is the oldest discovery of this kind in the area. Jerusalem is seen as an important land because it carries biblical implications. Also, archaeologists said it’s becoming a fundamental place due to its historical sites.

Experts from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) found the settlement in the Arabian surroundings in Shu’fat, northern Jerusalem. They claim they were there to perform a pre-construction test prior to building a new road. A CBS news report stated the 7000 year old settlement had two houses. Inside the houses, researchers found very well-preserved floors, pottery, beads and tools.

The head of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Dr. Omri Barzilai, explained the newly discovered site dates back to the 5th century B.C. This period is also known as Chalcolithic period. The Chalcolithic is known as the period in the Near East and Europe after the Neolithic. This period has the earliest proof for complex structures, outside of settlements cemeteries and crafting techniques in copper tools. Chalcolithic is also known as the ‘Copper Age’. The word derives from Greek: copper (chalcos); stone (lithos).

Moreover, researchers said this is an unusual discovery as artifacts from Chalcolithic had never been seen in this area.

In the past years, archaeologists managed to trace few Chalcolithic settlements, such as those from Abu Gosh, Motza and Holy Land compound in Jerusalem. However, according to Barzai, the findings were incredibly sparse. Currently, the 7, 000 year old settlement in Jerusalem is considered the most significant discovery.

Ronit Lupo, head of the excavation service, stated the newly found tool pointed out Chalcolithic people had an advanced technology. Among the findings, there were axes, building material and flint. According to his opinion, there was a thriving settlement in Jerusalem in that period.

The flint artifacts indicated the prehistoric people that lived there was very active as they had a wide variety of tools for different purposes. In addition, Lupo claimed they also found a carnelian bead. Carnelian is a gemstone, which means that jewelry was handmade or imported. Other findings included sheep or goat bones as well as cattle remains. Experts said all their discoveries will be further studied in the Israel Antiquities Authority laboratories.

For the full article: Regal Tribune



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