love-mojis-752x490We all probably love emojis. But if you’re a Skype user, you’re probably tried out their Mojis, those cute little emoji-like things but with cute sounds to accompany them. Well, if you’re not familiar with them but you’re a fan of the Beatles, then you will probably try them out soon. That’s because Skype scored a huge partnership with Sir Paul McCartney himself who created music for an exclusive set of love-inspired Mojis, because after all, it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Sir Paul admitted that he found it weird at first to be creating music for those darn Mojis but eventually, Skype was able to convince him to do so. So you now have new original Skype designs that will be accompanied by “unique musical compositions” by the legendary musician. Some of the Mojis include a purple octopus, a lovey dovey couple of balloons, a reindeer with a bunch of flowers for whoever you’re talking too, plus other weird and sweet characters.

The way to use those Mojis is just like the way you use emojis, either as a substitute for actual words or to emphasize your point. If you’re using these new love Mojis, make sure to tell the recipient to either wear their earphones if they’re in a noisy place or turn up the volume of their device. Otherwise, they will miss the magical music of most people’s favorite Beatle.

Make sure you’re on the latest version of your Skype app so you can actually use and send those Mojis, especially with Vaelntine’s Day almost upon us.

For the full article: Android Community



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