3ce4da894d8e795189a82e3ecd765e77STRUTH! Just when you thought there wasn’t the right emoji to express how Straya’n you are, a new emoji keyboard has been released to help you out.

The Aussie Emoji Keyboard features more than 40 Australian-themed emojis including Vegemite, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Tim Tams and nearly every common Australian phrase under the sun.

You Beauty.

The new app has been developed by mobile phone company OPPO and can be downloaded from Google Play Store but the only catch is it’s only available for Android users.

OPPO head of marketing Michael Tran said emojis are part of our modern culture.

“With our research showing that three out five Aussies believe emoji has now become the universal language for messaging,” he said.

“We’re excited to be releasing these emojis to be shared across the nation.”

“We know Aussies will love them, and we’re already developing new emojis to be included in the next update,” Mr Tran said.

For the full article: Herald Sun



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