_1d069506-b2bb-11e5-87b3-9157ef61c9c7After Taylor Swift released her “Out of the Woods” video on New Year’s Eve, Coldplay followed up with their own 2016 surprise. The Chris Martin-fronted band debuted the colorful music video for “Birds.”

Marcus Haney, mostly known for helming documentaries like Austin to Boston and No Cameras Allowed, directed “Birds” on location at Salvation Mountain in the Colorado Desert. “Happy new year, everyone,” read Coldplay’s Twitter alongside the video’s release.

“Birds” is the second track on the band’s new album. Appearing on Sirius XM in November, Martin said, “We just wanted to make this big colorful, joyful thing called A Head Full of Dreams.” He also told EW of feeling “like playing with a bit more jubilation” after Ghost Stories. “It was really fun to make, which is not what we’ve felt before.”

For the full article: Entertainment Weekly



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