This-new-display-tech-is-lightThe display of your smartphone uses up to more than 90 percent of your battery, with this smart glass technology, your phone’s display will no longer rely on the battery to lighten up the screen.

If you are still skeptical of your smartphone battery even after having it for a long time, don’t fret because a new smart glass technology that could help you preserve the battery life of your smartphone is in the works. The challenge for OEMs is not just to make them more affordable but more powerful and less energy-efficient as possible.

It sounds too good to be true, but UK-based Bodle Technologies is creating a new type of display panel that could represent the future of touchscreens on smartphones, tablets and just about everything else you can think of.

“You have to charge smartwatches every night, which is slowing adoption”, the Bodle Technologies founder and engineer told the Telegraph.

While technology firms have traditionally focused on improving battery life, British experts say tackling the main drain on a gadget’s power – the screen – may render better results.

Apple is investigating using fuel cells to power phones and laptops and this year was granted a patent for a system it claims could power Apple devices for weeks. Its ultra-thin structures are able to manipulate light using electrical, optical or mechanical means, creating a vivid display that can be viewed even in direct sunlight. The smart glass that Bodle Technology is developing only uses small amounts of power to produce charges that create different colors. Dr. Hosseini also expressed optimism that prototypes for such smart doors and windows will get into production as early as next year.

E Ink screens are fantastic for some applications, but they’re certainly not suitable for smartphones.

This would lessen the need for air conditioning in buildings as the smart glass can block infra-red waves to keep rooms cool, saving up to 20 per cent on energy bills.

For the full article: TV Newsroom



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