tubedoorEveryone likes getting something for free, especially when you get to save money doing things you normally do on a daily basis. For the next four Mondays (including today), Mastercard is offering free travel across London’s Tube, trains, buses and the DLR for all riders using Apple Pay. That right, as long as you own a iPhone capable of supporting Apple’s NFC payment service or an Apple Watch with a Mastercard attached, you can commute to work or roam across the capital for nothing.

The company’s “Fare Free Mondays” promotion is aimed at getting people to board public transport with their phone and will run on November 23rd, November 30th, December 7th and December 14th. To make use of it, simply tap in and out of the barriers with your Apple device and your travel will be refunded up to £27.90. Just make sure that your iPhone or Apple Watch is prepped or you might risk a ticking-off from your Oyster-carrying brethren.

For the full article: Engadget



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