Japanese camera giant Canon Inc has developed a new APS-H size image sensor with a whopping 250 megapixel resolution. The new image sensor has the world’s highest number of pixels for any CMOS sensor.

The APS-H sensors are bigger than the APS-C sensor but smaller than full-frame. Canon uses this sensor primarily on its EOS-1D range of DSLRs. Canon states in its blog that the new image sensor is capable of capturing letters on the side of an airplane flying at a distance of approximately 18 km away.

With CMOS sensors, as the pixel increases the sensitivity decreases, leading to increased signal volume. Canon says the newly developed CMOS sensor has an ultra-high signal readout speed of 1.25 billion pixels per second. On the video front, Canon claims that the newly developed sensor is capable of shooting videos at five frames per second.

According to Canon, the video recorded with the newly developed image sensor is approximately 30 times sharper than 4K (3,840 x 2,160) video. Canon is considering implementation of this new sensor in specialized surveillance tools and ultra-high resolution measuring instruments and in the field of visual expression.

For the full article: Indian Express



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