New-fuel-from-a-leaf-for-our-PlanetScientists from Melbourne announced new fuel from the future. They says that in several years houses, cars will use leaves instead of electricity.

Researches from Monash University School of Chemistry invented new machine, that use hydrogen as a fuel source. This machine relies on photosynthesis – natural process that helps to convert sunlight to pure energy for plants.

Professor in University Doug MacFarlane said that all researches should learn from nature and especially from photosynthesis. He noticed that every kind of energy comes from it. We receive such energy from fossil fuels or carbon.

Meanwhile, nature can create most powerful fuel thanks to photosynthesis.

MacFarlane want to study how leaf change sun into pure energy. When scientists will understand how to make carbon compounds with this energy, than we will not need any other sorts of fuel.

This research is not new for the humanity. During the world history scientists tried to make such artificial leaf from different kinds of metal, but their experiments failed every time. Most of the catalysts were too expensive.

MacFarlane took nickel as material. He could separate hydrogen from water.

He confesses that machine that researchers want to build is very expensive so they rely on high effectiveness of new fuel.

Professor prognoses that this innovation will make energy revolution. His team want to build such engine that will work in every home. They expect to provide it during few years.

His colleague, professor Thomas Faunce from Australian National University, who also works with artificial photosynthesis, confirms the whole idea.

Faunce says that with this discovery, scientists could make fuel and food, and support with it our Planet.

For the full article: Sentinel Republic



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