Because Friends is undying and will be playing long after the nuclear holocaust wipes out mankind, Comedy Central is to celebrate the sitcom with a festival in east London featuring original props and replica sets.

Taking place at Brick Lane’s Boiler House in September, FriendsFest will include a Central Perk-themed cafe, a full scale replica of Monica’s apartment and a pop-up hair salon where you can get a ‘Rachel’.

An exhibition will show off some of the series’ most famous props, and have replicas of the iconic orange sofa for photo opportunities and Joey’s Lay-Z Boy recliner from which to watch episodes of the show (for the millionth time).

“As we celebrate news that Comedy Central will remain the exclusive TV home of Friends, it’s great to give something special to fans and what better way than with FriendsFest,” commented Comedy Central’s Jill Offman.

FriendsFest will run from Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 September at The Boiler House on Brick Lane.

For the full article: Independent



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