_84561138_thunderbirdsGerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds are set to return to the site where they were originally created to mark the show’s 50th anniversary.

Three new episodes, starring the show’s iconic puppets, including Lady Penelope and Parker, will be produced at Slough Trading Estate in Berkshire.

The children’s TV programme was written and filmed at the site of the estate between 1964 and 1966.

The project will use audio recordings of the original voice cast.

As well as these recordings, which were first released in 1966, the Thunderbirds 1965 project will feature recreated puppets and sets.

The project, created by Stephen La Riviere, is supported by ITV, which first aired the programme in 1965, Sylvia Anderson, and the Gerry Anderson estate – represented by his son Jamie Anderson.

“Knowing that Thunderbirds will return to the Slough Trading Estate – its spiritual home – fills me with pride,” Mr Anderson Jr said..

“I cannot wait to see these new episodes being shot on Stirling Road, which was the site of the original studio building where the classic series was filmed.”

Mr La Riviere said he hoped returning to the trading estate site, run by Segro, would “inspire us in the same way it did the original production team”.

For the full article: BBC News



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