_83868480_apFans at the Glastonbury festival are getting ready for the first day of music on the main stages – and hoping the weather does not dampen spirits.

Light rain is forecast for parts of the day, but revellers may escape without the Somerset site turning too muddy.

Choreographer Michael Clark’s dance company, who have been described as “punk ballet”, will open the main Pyramid Stage.

The day will end with Florence and the Machine in the headline slot.

The identity of the act that will fill the vacant slot before Florence has not been announced – and organisers hope to keep it secret until the performers step on stage.

However, organiser Emily Eavis did reveal that it is a band who have never played the Pyramid Stage and were not otherwise due to play at Glastonbury this year.

“There is definitely something filling that gap but under no circumstances will it be announced,” she said. “Luckily it’s been a proper secret, a proper surprise, which actually is quite hard to do now because things get out.

“But there are only about four people other than the band that know about this. Even people that work on the festival don’t know about it.

“They’re coming because they want to play Glastonbury and they’ve never done it before on the Pyramid Stage. That’s all I’m saying.”

Other highlights on Friday include:

Heavy rock legends Motorhead will make their Glastonbury debut on the Pyramid Stage

Mark Ronson will bring special guests including Boy George and Daniel Merriweather to the Other Stage

Russian punk band Pussy Riot will speak on stage about their opposition to President Vladimir Putin

The Charlatans are the “special guests” who will open the Other Stage

Scottish pop star Lulu will appear on the Avalon Stage

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the Dalai Lama will make an appearance in the Green Fields on Sunday.

However it is not clear whether Professor Stephen Hawking, who is due to appear in the Kidz Field, will attend the festival as planned.

Some 177,000 people are due on site during the weekend. Tickets, costing £225, sold out in 26 minutes last October.

For the full article: BBC News



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