samsung Wireless 360 AudioThe rapid evolution of home entertainment, which started from image displays, now spreads to sound. As more and more people are becoming more satisfied with visual elements, there is a rising interest in sound as a measure to create a higher level of immersion.

Samsung Electronics put the next premium TV, SUHD TV, on the market this year, taking image quality a step further in the home entertainment market. The company also unveiled a sound system fit for high quality images. In particular, it released the curved soundbar, mobile devices, and home speakers, which go well with and connect to its curved TV, in the global market.

Samsung Electronics’ newly released HW-J8501 matches perfectly with Samsung’s 65 and 78 inch curved TVs with a radius of curvature of 4,200R.

The model comes with 350 watt output capabilities through 9.1 channel discreet center and side speakers, and by projecting audio from three sides, it creates a wider listening field that delivers rich and powerful sound to users.

Using its wireless sub-woofer, which strengthens the output of the bass response, it creates the ultimate home theater experience that ensures listeners can fully enjoy the surround effect when watching TV, Samsung Electronics said.

Notably, it provides a Wi-Fi connectivity function with a low sound source loss, so that you can enjoy a high-quality sound source just like an audio through connecting with your smartphone.

Also, it is built to support HD audio (192kHZ/24bit), which delivers vivid and clear sound quality that allows you to enjoy sound that you can experience at concert halls in their living rooms.

Samsung also launched “Wireless 360 Audio,” the first product made by Samsung Audio Lab in California, which was established in a bid to become an innovative audio brand, in the global and domestic markets simultaneously.

Samsung Electronics’ unique Ring Radiator technology and new standard of sound tuning technique are applied to this product to lessen sound distortion.

The Wireless 360 Audio can offer a real-time streaming service and output sound to a 360-degree revolution, so you can hear music equally clear at any given spot.

Multiroom App, an application for dedicated audio, also enhanced the convenience of the Wireless 360 Audio. This app is a multi-room sound system that connects the Wireless 360 Audio to external devices like a mobile device or to a TV and sound bar under its control.

It features an intuitive User Interface by controlling music via a circular wheel.

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