36570-1_og_originalFrom today, art lovers in New South Wales will be able to purchase art with just a 10 per cent deposit and no interest for 10 months.

Sound more like a furniture commercial? That’s because it is very similar. You can take home a new artwork for as little as $75 per month over 10 months. All you need is a clear credit history.

The scheme, called Art Money, is designed to enable more people to buy art and is based on similar operations in Tasmania and the UK. It is supported by the City of Sydney and 10 Group.

”Art Money is about supporting the creative economy — artists are among our most creative yet lowest-paid workers, and most galleries are small business owners passionate about contemporary art,” says 10 Group CEO, Paul Becker.

”People who like art will find it easier to afford and buy it, and artists and galleries will have the opportunity to sell more art and be paid up front,” he says.

Art Money is currently only offered in a few Sydney galleries but will soon be available throughout Australia. Applications can be made online or from one of the following galleries:

M Contemporary, A-M Gallery, Arthouse Gallery, Art Atrium, Artsite, Artereal Gallery, Art Park Australia, The Commercial Gallery, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Darren Knight Gallery, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Galerie Pompom, Gallery 9, The Hughes Gallery, Jensen Gallery, Michael Reid, Olsen Irwin, Platform 72, Piermarq, Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Soho Galleries, Spot 81, Sullivan + Strumpf, Utopia Art Sydney, Wagner Art Gallery, Wentworth Galleries.

For the full article: Vogue



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