1424996977919He’s 10 metres high and weighs 1.3 tonnes. But according to the Queensland Museum, this brachiosaurus is just a baby.

Approximately 150 million years after they roamed the earth, one of the prehistoric herbivores – or at least a steel and latex model of one – has found a home at the corner of Grey and Melbourne streets in South Bank.

The brachiosaurus is installed outside Queensland Museum.

But it was no easy task getting him there.

Operation Move Brachiosaurus commenced pre-dawn on Friday, with the monster being erected in four parts over four hours, with the aid of heavy machinery.

The work, which began with the legs, caught the attention of many fascinated passersby.

Queensland Museum chief executive Suzanne Miller said the baby Brachiosaurus would remain in place until October to promote a new animatronic dinosaur exhibition opening at the museum.

“It’s all animatronic and there will be everything from the well known T-Rex to some beautiful, lesser known Australian dinosaurs, and of course we’ve got the real fossils of those for people to see too,” she said.

Brachiosauruses roamed North America during the Jurassic period and were one of the largest dinosaurs to have ever existed.

Fully grown, they weighed up to 45 tonnes, measured up to 26 metres in length and ate between 200 and 400 kilograms of plants a day.

The rubber and silicone baby model has been built to scientific specifications, according to the museum.

For the full article: Brisbane Times



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