6-225x145A lucky young sea turtle who was stranded in the chilly, choppy waters off the coast of Washington state is now making great improvement with the help of Oregon Aquarium.

Named as ‘Solstice’, the sea turtle was found in the beach near the north end of the Long Beach Peninsula ten days ago. Solstice weighs between 40 to 50 pounds according to Oregon officials. The female olive Ridley turtle was dehydrated and its body temperature was about 15 degrees only. Their typical body temperature is 75 degrees.

Solstice has caretakers that nurtures her with hydration baths, fluids and practice swims. Since her treatment started, her body temperature has now risen to 27 degrees. Erin Paxton, spokeswoman of Oregon Coast Aquarium said Solstice is now doing well.

Ridley turtles especially the Olive ones are commonly found in the tropical waters of Peru and California. However, strong currents and storms carries them to colder seas causing the turtles to become hypothermic.

So far, Solstice is said to be the best sea turtle the aquarium had received so far.

Just before Christmas, two sea turtles were found dead on the northern Oregon Coast according to Paxton and marine experts said they are expecting more.

In Florence, Oregon, a live sea turtle was found by beach visitors but they tried to push the sea turtle back into the water probably in an attempt to save it. The Oregon Coast Aquarium staff tried to relocate it to no avail. Also last fall, the aquarium found a sea turtle beached near Lincoln City but was unable to save it.

Once Solstice is back on her feet, the Aquarium said they will release her back to San Diego once approve by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

For the full article: SMN Weekly



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