194702_newsdetailContemporary Istanbul (CI), a leading contemporary art fair held annually in İstanbul, is preparing to mark its ninth edition for four days in mid-November, bringing together more than 100 art galleries, which will altogether represent 520 artists from 22 countries around the world.

The fair’s organizers are expecting the ninth edition, set for Nov. 13-16 at various locations at the heart of the city, around the Harbiye neighborhood, to attract more than 75,000 visitors.

Galleries that will exhibit at this year’s fair include Galerie Lelong from Paris, the New York-based Marlborough Galleries, Rampa İstanbul, Emmanuel Fremin of New York, Galerie Javier Lopez of Madrid, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery of London, Berlin’s Galerie Kornfeld, the İstanbul branch of Turkey’s Galeri Nev, Japan’s Heis Gallery and Galerie Pilar Serra Barbara Paci of Rome, among others.

Ali Güreli, the CI’s board chairman, said during a Tuesday evening media gathering in İstanbul that they were proud to have created an important platform for contemporary art in Turkey. “We’re very lucky for being in a city that is so open to new ideas and innovation. But this potential is not only limited to İstanbul, so our doors are wide open to [galleries from] all countries in this region, the Middle East, the Balkans, Caucasus, Eastern Mediterranean and of course Europe,” Güreli said.

One of the fair’s novelties announced on Tuesday included CI Editions, in which different formats and conceptual aspects of various art forms will be discussed and shared with the audience. The fair’s organizers envision that CI Editions will enable a wider, alternative distribution — and appreciation — of limited edition artworks. Artists who will produce limited edition works for this year’s CI Editions include Orhan Cem Çetin, Mustafa Horasan, Ali Emir Tapan, Seçkin Pirim and Ardan Özmenoğlu, among others.

The fair’s new media section Plugin, which marks its second year in 2014, will offer a niche for those who want to discover more about the latest developments in contemporary art worldwide. Not only video art, which is a staple of the field known as new media art, but also sound and light installations, works of generative art and interactive pieces and even robotics designs will be presented as part of Plugin Istanbul. Galleries and artists taking part in this section include Galerie Akinci, Dam Gallery, Kasa Galeri, Simon Heijdens and Brigitte Kowanz.

For the full article: Today’s Zaman



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