Pink Floyd publicity shotDavid Gilmour’s wife has revealed that Pink Floyd will release a new album this October. The Endless River is the group’s first album since 1994’s The Division Bell, and was reportedly inspired by the same recording sessions.

Polly Samson, who married Gilmour in 1994, unveiled Pink Floyd’s secret plans on her Twitter account. In addition to announcing the album’s title and release date, she referred to the record as “Rick Wright’s swansong”. Wright, who co-founded Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, Nick Mason and Roger Waters, died in 2008.

Vocalist Durga McBroom-Hudson, who has toured with Gilmour and Pink Floyd, subsequently shared some further details. “The recording did start during The Division Bell sessions (and yes, it was the side project originally titled The Big Spliff that Nick Mason spoke about),” she wrote on Facebook. “David and Nick have gone in and done a lot more since then.” That “Big Spliff” session was described in Mason’s memoir Inside Out, where he called it “ambient mood music” akin to “bands like the Orb”.

According to McBroom-Hudson, The Endless River “was originally to be a completely instrumental recording”. But Gilmour gradually changed his mind, inviting McBroom-Hudson to record backup vocals last December and adding more singing since then. Gilmour has “done a lead on at least one [track],” she said, and Samson, who co-wrote seven of The Division Bell’s tracks, described herself on Twitter as one of The Endless River’s lyricists.

In addition to finishing Pink Floyd’s 15th studio album, Gilmour is also allegedly still working on a new solo album. And McBroom-Hudson said that the band could indeed mount a new tour. “STAY TUNED,” she wrote. When Pink Floyd last hit the road, in 1994, it was the highest-grossing rock tour in history.

For the full article: Guardian



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