swissSwiss Airlines has created a unique plane that is made for those who suffer who almost any kind of allergy. The airline has changed fabrics, ditched air fresheners and has even come up with a specialty food menu, making it the first allergy-free carrier in the world, the Daily Mail reports.

Among the food offerings are lactose and gluten-free items as well as lactose-free coffee and even a unique Swiss chocolate bar made for those with certain allergies. There will also be special snacks like yogurts, candy and other treats that will be available for passengers with other intolerances.

The airline is also making changes to the cabin by offering synthetic pillows to first and business class passengers instead of the regular down-filled pillows. While plants are currently used to decorate the cabin, the airline will do away with these.

Air fresheners that have the potential to cause nose and throat irritations on board will also be done away with and special hand soap that is gentle on skin will be available in the plane lavatory.

“We have seen a steady increase over the past few years in our customers’ need for an air travel environment that pays due regard to any allergic conditions,” Frank Maier, Swiss’s head of product and services told the Mail.. “So we’ve been working with ECARF (the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) to provide a concrete response to these demands to make everyone’s air travel experience as pleasant and problem-free as possible.”

For the full article: Travelers Today



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