Fidel Castro has made a rare public appearance to launch his memoirs. The increasingly reclusive former Cuban president spent six hours presenting the two-volume book to an audience in Havana.

State television showed a smiling, animated Castro wearing a dark tracksuit over a blue plaid button-up shirt. Audio of him speaking was not broadcast, but the Communist party newspaper Granma said he told attendees at the event on Friday that they would hear about “two books you haven’t had any news of”.

The memoir, Guerrilla of Time, is almost 1,000 pages long and covers Castro’s life from childhood until December 1958, the eve of the triumph of the Cuban revolution. It is based on interviews with the journalist Katiuska Blanco.

The 85-year-old stepped aside provisionally in 2006 because of a life-threatening illness and retired permanently two years later, clearing the way for his younger brother and long-designated successor, Raúl, to take over.

For the full article: Guardian


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