An old 18-foot truck is about to become a valuable resource for school children learning about sustainable gardening, thanks to two entrepreneurs from New York who are converting it into a mobile greenhouse. The truck will transform into an education center and travel from school to school in Booklyn and Manhattan, teaching students about biointensive agriculture and a better way to feed the world without harming the planet’s resources.

As Nick Runkle and Justin Cutter, the masterminds behind, Compass Green, explain on their Kickstarter page, “Biointensive agriculture is one of the most sustainable and well-researched systems of farming available today. Biointensive nourishes plant life in a variety of ways, starting at the pivotal intersection of sun, soil, water and air…With an ever-increasing population and an alarming decrease in farmable soil, it is important to share practical solutions to turn our situation of agricultural scarcity into one of abundance. By inspiring more local agriculture, Compass Green is the perfect vehicle to do this!”

The project needed $27,000 to get started and it raised that amount on Kickstarter, thanks to many dedicated donors.

For the full article: Care2


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