The big Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach is still four days away, but there are already a lot events underway on the central coast of California for those who won’t be sipping champagne Sunday on the winners’ stand.

One such event was yesterday in Pacific Grove, a tiny village of Victorian homes near Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula. It was called The Little Car Show. The name was appropriate as two blocks of downtown was devoted to the display of special little cars. As in, small cars.

Little cars will be prominent all week, both on the streets, in the show and at the auctions. One being sold, for instance, is that little 1951 Mochet CM-125 Luxe, shown above, that will be auctioned by RM this weekend, part of a special collection of little cars.

At the Little Car Show, among the tiniest and drawing a crowd was a red Tiger Messerschmitt. No year of manufacture was given for the rag-top, sliding-plastic window car with front and back seating for two. There were the usual small suspects:

They included some beautiful Austin Healy Bugeye Sprites and a couple nice late ’60s Citroen 2CV6 models. Perhaps coolest was a silver with black racing stripes 1967 Toyota Sports 800, a two seater made for the track.

There were several American-made Crosley’s, American made cars that had a run from 1939 to 1952. Several American Austins were present two, including a nice beige Bantam.

Best of all, and unique, was that The Little Car Show was free. Events get pricier as the week goes on, including the hot-ticket event at The Quail on Friday, a sellout at $400 per ticket.

For the full article: USA Today


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